Car Lift


There are several situations for paying attention to the details of the use of car lifts:

The details of the use of double columns:

1. During the use of the double column, special attention should be paid to the closing and closing of the lifting arm safety gear. The double column lifting safety gear must be in the closed insurance state! Otherwise there is a risk of slipping and rolling over! 2. Only in the insurance state can you enter the bottom of the car to work! 3. The position of the lifting arm lifting the vehicle plate should be placed in the center position as much as possible to avoid sideslip! 4. The height of the jacking plate of the four lifting arms should be kept basically the same, and should not be uneven.

1、Scissors usage details:

2、1. Pay attention to observe whether the lifting platform is consistent! After a long period of use, there may be unevenness. At this time, it is necessary to level the equipment. 2. Whether the insurance is normally opened and closed, the insurance gear must be in the closed state before the bottom operation can be performed! 3. The rubber pad must be placed in a normal position, preferably stuck at the center point, and the rubber pad of the corresponding height must be selected according to the situation! Note the position of the vehicle's center of gravity.

3、The details of the use of the four pillars:

4、1. Whether the insurance is consistent, whether the sound of the safety lock is consistent, if the sound is different, then it needs to be leveled! 2. You must be in the insurance state to enter the bottom of the car to work!

Car Lift

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