3D wheel alignment development car wheel alignment

3D wheel alignment measuring principle

The four target reflectors are installed on the four rims of the vehicle, the wheels are rolled, the geometric graphics on the target reflectors are continuously photographed by the camera, the changes of geometric graphics are analyzed and calculated by the computer, and the corresponding positioning parameters of wheels and chassis are obtained, which are displayed by the display screen.

This technology mainly adopts the basic principle of physical perspective and computer information processing technology.

1. Higher precision and more powerful function

Its accuracy can be accurate to 0.1mm/0.01 °;

In addition to all traditional parameters, its function can measure the distance parameters such as wheel deviation and wheel deviation, and easily realize many functions that can not be completed by CCD and laser locator. Such as single wheel alignment, toe in locking measurement, air suspension vehicle alignment, etc.

2. Easier operation

Its measurement is not affected by the levelness of the platform, and the accuracy of vehicle body inclination is not affected;

All parameters can be measured by pushing the car or rolling the wheel;

Without regular calibration, it can be moved and used at will.

3. Extremely low failure rate

There are no electronic components, batteries and data transmission on the target reflector, which only plays the role of image reflection;

The main support is metal support, and the cross beam is mostly cast, with strong corrosion resistance and compression resistance;

Most computers are brand high-end configuration to adapt to large data processing and more stable performance

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