Repair and maintenance of tyre changer

For the tire with good rubber on the tire top but soft and thin: When the tire skids with the pneumatic shovel, slightly lift the pneumatic shovel control pedal, and push the tire inward to confirm that the shovel mouth is in contact with the tire mouth, and then lean on it with legs or hands to prevent the tire from returning, and then step on the control pedal, which is easier to shovel the tire.

2. For tyres that have been used for sports cars for a long time: the tyres are subject to internal air pressure for a long time, and the heat generated by the friction between the tyres and the ground causes the adhesion between the tyres and the steel rims. When it is difficult to shovel with an air shovel, first dissolve the detergent in water, brush more solution on the tyre lip and steel ring with a small brush, and then shovel the tyre with an air shovel after the solution seeps into the gap between the tyre lip and steel ring.

3. For tires with a hard tire opening: it is better to use a trolley spring steel plate when picking the tire. It is easier to pry the tire opening toward the bird head with a self-made extended crowbar. When loading the tire, press the tire belly with both hands. When the difference is about 200mm, and the tire opening is at the tightest position, press the tire belly with the right elbow. At the same time, push the tire clockwise with the left hand to prevent the motor from slipping with the triangle belt, and also protect the motor.

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