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Car tire changers, also known as tire mounting machines or tire changers, are essential tools for any automotive repair or maintenance shop. These machines are used to remove and install tires from the rims of vehicles. They are designed to make the process of changing tires easier, safer, and more efficient.


Car tire changers come in a variety of designs and sizes, depending on the specific needs of the user. Some models are designed for small to medium-sized vehicles, while others are capable of handling large commercial trucks and buses. Regardless of the size, all tire changers consist of a few basic components.


The main component of a car tire changer is the tire mounting machine itself. This is the device that actually removes and installs the tire from the rim. The machine is equipped with a series of arms and clamps that hold the tire and rim in place while the tire is being changed. The machine also has a motor that drives the tire mounting head, which is the part of the machine that actually removes and installs the tire.


In addition to the tire mounting machine, car tire changers also include a number of accessories. These include tire balancers, tire irons, tire repair kits, and tire pressure gauges. These accessories are used to ensure that the tires are properly balanced, repaired, and inflated, which is essential for safe driving.


Car tire changers are essential tools for any automotive shop. They make the process of changing tires faster, safer, and more efficient. With the right tire changer and accessories, anyone can easily and quickly change tires on any vehicle.

Car tire changers

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