China AMR Tianjin Garage Equipment exhibition


Exhibition Overview 

Starting in 1983, AMR Beijing International Auto Maintenance Exhibition has been deeply dedicated to serving the domestic and foreign auto maintenance markets for over 30 years, tailoring to the development needs of the Chinese auto maintenance market, constantly transforming and promoting industry development and enterprise progress. As the annual feast of the automotive maintenance industry, it is held every spring at AMR Beijing International Automotive Maintenance Exhibition. Automotive maintenance, beauty dealerships/agents, comprehensive repair shops, host factories, 4S store groups, tire shops, fast repair shops, franchise chains, testing stations, large and medium-sized vocational colleges, public transportation and transportation companies, association media, etc. from more than 60 countries and regions around the world gather to obtain high-quality and effective industry new products, policies, and models.

In 2021, Beijing International Auto Insurance Exhibition AMR was successfully held in the China International Exhibition Center (new hall), with 8 halls open and the exhibition area up to 120000 m2. At the same time, auto repair chain area, lubricating oil area, accident vehicle parts area and new energy vehicle area were added to adapt to the channel expansion of enterprise products, service transformation of distributors/agents and entrepreneurial aspirations of end customers. In the 21st year of the exhibition, a total of 12419 domestic and foreign excellent automobile maintenance production enterprises gathered with over 10000 products and solutions, attracting 59102 visitors from 70 countries and regions to visit.

2021 Exhibition Data

Received a total of 46352 professional visitors and buyers

952 exhibitors

The overall display area reaches 90000 square meters

AMR Online Online Business Matching Service Facilitates 186 Business Negotiations

36 concurrent events

406 new products released through exhibition platform

Exhibition Scope

The exhibition products cover the fields of automotive repair and maintenance, automotive supplies and modifications, and automotive parts, including

Automotive maintenance equipment and products, automotive maintenance tools, automotive wheel protection equipment and products, automotive tire repair equipment and products, automotive testing equipment, automotive maintenance and cleaning equipment, automotive beauty maintenance products, automotive maintenance special machine tools, automotive maintenance related software, automotive spray coating products, coatings and repair products, automotive maintenance teaching aids, exhaust purification systems, automotive service chain operation, automotive maintenance related training New energy vehicle maintenance, lubricants, automotive films, automotive decoration and beauty products, automotive safety products, automotive modification related products, components and components, vulnerable parts, automotive electronics and appliances, supply chain

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